expense noun

1 cost/money spent on sth

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, vast | additional, extra | unexpected | unnecessary | public The bridge was built at public expense. | personal

VERB + EXPENSE go to, incur They went to all the expense of redecorating the house and then they moved. | put sb to Their visit put us to a lot of expense. | bear, cover, meet She had to meet the expense herself. | spare no No expense was spared (= they spent as much money as was needed) to make the party a success. | avoid | be worth The results are well worth the expense.


PREP. at sb/sth's ~ They had to repair the damage at their own expense. He built up the business at the expense of his health. | at … ~ The garden was transformed at great expense. The accommodation package includes admission to the golf course at no extra expense.

2 sth that makes you spend money

ADJ. big, considerable | incidental Relocated employees received grants towards incidental expenses like buying carpets. | business, management Meetings, and the time for them, are a considerable management expense.

3 expenses: money spent for a particular purpose

ADJ. high Medical expenses can be quite high if you are not insured. | deduct You will have to pay income tax on the rent you receive, although you can deduct expenses such as insurance.

EXPENSE + VERB arise You can expect to receive compensation for all expenses arising out of the accident.

EXPENSE + NOUN expense account Put the cost of the meal on your expense account. | expense/expenses claim

PREP. on ~ a commercial traveller staying at the hotel on expenses

PHRASES all expenses paid a two-day, all expenses paid trip to London allowable, legitimate, reasonable You can claim back the tax on legitimate business expenses. | basic The guides are unpaid except for basic expenses. | out-of-pocket (= paid for by an employee, to be claimed back later from the employer) Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred on the firm's business will be reimbursed. | personal | living | household | operating, overhead, running | business, work-related | travel/travelling | relocation, removal | legal, medical | funeral

VERB + EXPENSE incur | cover, defray, meet, pay, refund, reimburse He was given a sum of money to cover his travel expenses. | claim (back) They are claiming expenses for travel and overnight accommodation. |