expedition noun

ADJ. great, major Finally, the great expedition set off for the long journey to the Holy Land. | small | joint, international The British agreed to a joint expedition with the French. | foreign | successful | collecting, fishing, foraging, hunting, shopping | archaeological, scientific | military, naval | punitive In response, Charles VI sent a punitive expedition to Brittany, raping and killing the populace. | Antarctic, Everest, etc.

VERB + EXPEDITION go on, make He had made two expeditions to Spain to study wild plants. | embark on, set off/out on, undertake She was about to embark on a major expedition. | head, lead | join | organize, plan | launch, mount They plan to launch an expedition into the mountains. | send

EXPEDITION + VERB leave, set off/out, start | return The expedition returned only two weeks after it had left. | reach sth On 21 January the expedition reached the South Pole.

EXPEDITION + NOUN leader, member

PREP. on an/the ~ She was out on a shopping expedition. | ~ against He led a military expedition against the rebels. | ~ into an expedition into the interior of Australia | ~ to a naval expedition to West Africa

PHRASES a leader/member of an expedition