expansion noun

ADJ. big, considerable, enormous, great, huge, major, massive, significant, substantial, vast The company was now set for major expansion. | maximum | dramatic, marked, remarkable, unprecedented an unprecedented expansion in linguistic studies at British universities | rapid | gradual | steady | continued, further, sustained | eastward, westward, etc. | global, international, overseas, worldwide | successful | aggressive The board decided to embark on aggressive overseas expansion. | healthy | planned, proposed | uncontrolled | business, commercial, company | economic, industrial | colonial, imperial, territorial | population | urban

VERB + EXPANSION show The economy is still showing healthy expansion. | allow (for), provide for The design of the front pockets allows for expansion. | be ripe for a ready-made hotel chain ripe for further expansion | be set for The company is set for further expansion into niche areas. | call for | go for, look for We are going for maximum expansion. | encourage, facilitate, promote | impede, limit, restrict | halt, stop | prevent | embark on | finance, fund In order to finance expansion on this scale, the government has relied heavily on borrowing.

EXPANSION + VERB occur, take place

EXPANSION + NOUN plan, programme

PREP. ~ into expansion into the luxury car market | ~ in a great age of expansion in trade and science

PHRASES a period of expansion a period of rapid economic expansion | the rate of expansion The rate of expansion of our overseas trade has been spectacular. | potential/room/scope/space for expansion The company believes there is scope for expansion in this sector.