exercise noun

1 use of the body to keep healthy

ADJ. good, healthy | hard, strenuous, vigorous | gentle, light, moderate Try to do fifteen minutes of gentle exercise every day. | regular | daily, morning | adequate | aerobic | mental, physical

VERB + EXERCISE do, get, take John never does any exercise. Do you take enough exercise? | need

EXERCISE + NOUN programme, regime, routine | class | bike | video

PREP. during ~ Stop frequently to rest during exercise until you are fitter.

PHRASES a form/kind/type of exercise, lack of exercise Lack of exercise is a risk factor in heart disease.

2 set of movements/activities

ADJ. basic, simple | keep-fit | warm-up | breathing, relaxation, strengthening, stretching | chest, leg, etc.

QUANT. set

VERB + EXERCISE do, perform Remember to do your breathing exercises every day. You may find it helpful to perform this exercise in front of the mirror. | devise You can devise your own exercises to music. | repeat

3 set of questions

ADJ. easy, simple | difficult, hard | oral, practical, written | practice | comprehension, grammar, listening, translation, writing

QUANT. set

VERB + EXERCISE do | give sb, set (sb) | create

PREP. ~ in an exercise in translation

4 use of a power/a right/a quality

ADJ. effective the effective exercise futile, pointless In the end it proved a pointless exercise. | academic, intellectual, mental, (pen and) paper, technical, theoretical This is not a purely academic exercise: it should have a real impact on the way we work as a department. Role-playing situations allows a finer assessment to be made than in pen and paper exercises. | costly, expensive | political The whole consultation process was just a cynical political exercise. | joint | pilot After a successful pilot exercise last year, the new system is being introduced throughout the company. | consultation, cost-cutting, costing, damage limitation, evaluation, marketing, propaganda, publicity, public relations, research

VERB + EXERCISE carry out, conduct, perform The company has just carried out a major cost-cutting exercise. | embark on, mount Before embarking on any exercise, you should conduct a cost-benefit analysis. | devise

PREP. ~ in The seminar was a valuable exercise in information exchange.

PHRASES the aim/object of the exercise The object of the exercise is to increase public awareness of environmental issues.

6 for soldiers/police

ADJ. training | flying, military, naval | joint US forces took part in joint exercises with the British Navy.

VERB + EXERCISE do, go on, take part in The troops go on exercises twice a year. | mount

PREP. on ~ Half the regiment was away on exercise. of power by the government | free the free exercise of informed choice | peaceful | legitimate, proper | improper

VERB + EXERCISE limit, regulate | justify

PHRASES the exercise of authority/power to limit the exercise of political power | the exercise of discretion

5 for a particular result

ADJ. simple, straightforward | major, massive | successful | interesting, useful, valuable, worthwhile | arbitrary, cosmetic, cynical, fruitless,