exception noun

ADJ. conspicuous, important, major, notable, obvious, significant, striking Most industries have suffered badly in the recession, but there have been a few notable exceptions. | minor, rare | honourable With a few honourable exceptions, MPs kept quiet about the corruption.

VERB + EXCEPTION make No parking is allowed, but an exception is made for disabled drivers.

PREP. with the ~ of The whole of the island was flooded with the exception of a small area in the north. | without ~ Without exception, all employees must carry their identity card with them at all times. | ~ to Guide dogs are the one exception to the store's ban on dogs.

PHRASES be no exception The weather had been rainy for days, and the day of the race was no exception. | be the exception rather than the rule Nowadays a job for life is very much the exception rather than the rule. | be the exception to the rule Most of his family are sports enthusiasts, but he's the exception to the rule.