event noun

1 sth that happens

ADJ. big, great, historic, important, key, main, major, momentous, significant Tonight's programme looks back at the main events of the year. | dramatic, remarkable | happy | sad, tragic, traumatic | rare Outside big cities, murder is a rare event. | subsequent Subsequent events proved him wrong. | historical, political

VERB + EVENT witness When the ship finally reached land, only a few of the crew were left to witness the event. | record We had a huge party, and hired a photographer to record the event. | celebrate, commemorate, mark Today is the hospital's fiftieth anniversary, and there will be a party to mark the event.

EVENT + VERB happen, occur, take place, unfold TV viewers watched in horror as events unfolded. | lead to sth These events quickly led to confusion. | lead up to sth The police are trying to establish a picture of events leading up to the killing.

PHRASES a chain/sequence/series of events, the course of events Would it have been possible to change the course of events?

2 planned social occasion

ADJ. big, important, main, major, special | popular | prestigious The Birmingham meeting is one of the most prestigious events in the racing calendar. | inaugural | annual, regular | forthcoming Forthcoming events are listed on the back page of the local newspaper. | fund-raising, musical, social, sporting middle-distance, sprint

VERB + EVENT enter (for), take part in A record number of teams have entered the event. | win

EVENT + VERB take place The team events will take place later this week.

PREP. in an/the ~ African runners swept the medals in the distance events.

VERB + EVENT hold, organize, stage The event will be held in the grounds of the manor house. | publicize | attend, support I would like to thank everyone who attended our charity evening for supporting the event. | boycott Several leading players boycotted the event in protest at the reduced prize money.

EVENT + VERB take place

3 race/competition

ADJ. big, main This race will be the main event of the afternoon. | individual, team | men's, women's | field, track | jumping, running, throwing | distance, long-distance,