estimate noun

ADJ. official, unofficial | current, recent Current estimates suggest that supplies will run out within six months. | early, initial, preliminary | accurate, fair, good, realistic, reasonable, reliable | best Flight times in the brochure are based on our best estimate, and will be confirmed as soon as possible. | approximate, rough | conservative, low I think 15,000 will turn out to be a very low estimate. | high According to the highest estimate, over 100,000 men died in the battle. | optimistic, pessimistic | cost

VERB + ESTIMATE make Can you make an estimate of the numbers involved? | give (sb), provide (sb with), submit Three firms submitted estimates for the work. | revise

ESTIMATE + VERB be based on sth | indicate sth, predict sth, show sth, suggest sth One estimate suggests that 30,000 jobs may be lost. | put sth at Some estimates put the figure as high as 50%. | range, vary Cost estimates vary from $50,000 to $200,000.

PREP. according to an/the ~ According to the revised estimate, four million people will be without homes. | at an ~ Even at a conservative estimate, there is a lot of work to be done. | in an/the ~ In his first estimate, he suggested a figure of £5,000. | ~ by, ~ from According to an estimate by a leading newspaper, she earns £40 million a year. | ~ for We will send you an estimate for the repairs. | ~ of an estimate of profits an estimate of £300