establishment noun

1 act of starting sth

ADJ. formal the formal establishment of the republic in 1948 | gradual, rapid

VERB + ESTABLISHMENT call for, support Opposition MPs are calling for the establishment of an independent food and drugs agency. | agree to, consent to | lead to This report led to the establishment of a special committee to investigate the matter. | allow (for), enable, provide for a law allowing the establishment of private television stations | announce | see The months that followed saw the establishment of a strong military presence in the region.

PREP. with the ~ of With the establishment of major new markets, the economy is thriving.

2 shop/business/organization

ADJ. catering, educational, military, research, training She's now running a small government research establishment. > Note at ORGANIZATION(for verbs)

3 the establishment: people in positions of power

ADJ. academic, art, literary, medical, musical, political, religious, scientific | British, French, etc. The British Establishment is very slow to accept change.

VERB + ESTABLISHMENT offend His abstract paintings offended the art establishment.