employment noun

ADJ. paid, salaried | full-time, part-time | lifelong, lifetime, long-term, permanent, stable | short-term, temporary | regular | casual | seasonal | gainful, meaningful The company was one of the first to offer meaningful employment to the blind. | full, total The government aims to achieve full employment within three years. | high, low an area of very low employment | large-scale Steel making is the only local industry offering large-scale employment. | manual | skilled, unskilled | blue-collar, white-collar | factory, office

QUANT. level policies aimed at maintaining a high level of employment

VERB + EMPLOYMENT look for, seek recent graduates seeking employment | find, gain, get, obtain, secure He finally secured employment in a local factory. | take up (formal) He took up employment with the company in May 2002. | give up, lose She lost her employment when the firm closed. | give sb, offer sb | create, generate, provide This investment will certainly create employment in the area. The steelworks provided employment for thousands of people. | boost, increase, raise, stimulate policies designed to stimulate employment

EMPLOYMENT + VERB increase, rise | fall

EMPLOYMENT + NOUN opportunities, possibilities, prospects There are few employment prospects in the town for unqualified young people. | rights | training | status The survey studied the employment status and lifestyle of people within the community. | agency | contract | conditions, terms | figures, records, statistics | levels | patterns, trends | market school-leavers entering the employment market | policy the government's full-employment policy | practices The firm's employment practices have been widely criticized.

PREP. in ~ Most of last year's graduates are now in employment. | out of ~ She had been out of employment for three years.

PHRASES conditions of employment trade union concerns such as conditions of employment and health and safety | a contract of employment, patterns/trends of employment significant changes in patterns of employment > Special page at BUSINESS