empire noun

1 group of countries

ADJ. big, great, large, mighty, vast | colonial, overseas the decline of the old colonial empires

VERB + EMPIRE establish, found | dismantle The Japanese empire was quickly dismantled. | expand | lose By now Britain had lost its empire.

EMPIRE + VERB grow | collapse, crumble, disintegrate The mighty empire finally crumbled.

PHRASES the break-up/decline/fall of an empire, part of an empire a country that is still part of the empire

2 group of companies/organizations

ADJ. big, huge, large | little (= used to criticize sb's attitude to the things they control) All the bureaucrats jealously guarded their own little empires. | business, commercial, financial, industrial, media

VERB + EMPIRE build (up), create He has built a huge business empire from humble beginnings.

EMPIRE + VERB collapse, crumble

PHRASES the collapse of an empire