emphasis noun

1 special importance/attention

ADJ. considerable, great, heavy, increased schools that put a heavy emphasis on sporting achievement | strong | main discussing where the main emphasis should be placed | particular, special Examine the events leading to the war, with particular emphasis on France's role in them.

VERB + EMPHASIS give, lay, place, put The company lays great emphasis on customer care. | shift The Democrats shifted the emphasis away from direct taxation.

EMPHASIS + VERB move, shift In recent years, the emphasis has moved away from punishing drug addicts towards helping them.

PREP. ~ on/upon The emphasis is on keeping fit rather than developing lots of muscles.

PHRASES a change/shift of emphasis

2 stress on a word/phrase

ADJ. great ‘I’, he said with great emphasis, ‘was the one.’ | slight His slight emphasis on the word ‘Lady’ was definitely mocking.


PREP. with ~ She repeated the question with emphasis. | ~ on Put the emphasis on the second syllable.