emotion noun

ADJ. deep, extreme, intense, overwhelming, powerful, profound, strong, violent | complex | conflicting, contradictory, mixed, tangled She felt torn by conflicting emotions. | destructive, negative Counselling can teach people to handle negative emotions such as fear and anger. | positive | inner, innermost | painful | fragile The nurse was handling his fragile emotions very carefully. | raw a moving performance full of raw emotion | pent-up, suppressed Years of pent-up emotion came out as he sobbed. | human Fear is a normal human emotion.

QUANT. flicker, hint, trace There wasn't a hint of emotion in his eyes. | flood, rush, surge, wave She felt a sudden rush of emotion at the thought of seeing him again. | display She could not cope with such public displays of emotion.

VERB + EMOTION experience, feel the emotions that we experience as children He felt no emotion as she left. | be choked with, be filled with, be overcome with Her voice was choked with emotion. | be devoid of, be drained of | display, express, show Drama can help children to express their emotions. The woman's face showed no emotion. | release Releasing these emotions is part of the healing process. | betray | shake with, tremble with She realized she was shaking all over with emotion. | bottle up, control, hide, stifle, suppress | cope with, deal with, handle | confront Counsellors encourage victims of crime to confront their emotions. | arouse, provoke, stir (up) an incident that has aroused strong emotions locally | be charged with, be full of a speech that was charged with emotion

PREP. with/without ~ She spoke with deep emotion.

PHRASES depth/intensity of emotion The film has a surprising depth of emotion for a comedy. | a gamut/range of emotions Her performance in the play covered the whole gamut of emotions.