education noun

ADJ. decent, excellent, first-class, good | poor | compulsory | formal Although he had had little formal education, he could read and write well. | adult, further, higher, pre-school, primary, secondary a college of further education | university | professional, vocational | all-round | health, religious, sex | full-time, part-time | public, state | private parents who choose private education for their children

VERB + EDUCATION have, receive He was at a disadvantage because of the poor education he had received. | give sb, provide (sb with) The school provides an excellent all-round education. | enter students entering higher education | continue, extend She went to college to continue her education. | leave young people who are just leaving full-time education | complete, finish He went to America to complete his education.

EDUCATION + NOUN authority, committee, department, ministry, sector, service, system funds provided by the local education authority | minister, officer, official | policy | reform | campaign, initiative, programme, project, scheme The council has launched a new health education campaign. | facilities, materials, resources | class, course adult education courses | centre, college, establishment, institution

PREP. in ~ students in full-time education | through ~ We acquire much of our world knowledge through education. | ~ about education about danger on the roads