echo verb

1 come back as an echo

ADV. faintly | loudly | eerily, strangely, weirdly | flatly, hollowly The sound echoed hollowly through the tall empty house. | still | back Their voices echoed back across the water.

VERB + ECHO seem to

PREP. across The protest seemed to echo across the room. | around/round His voice echoed around the room. | down Her footsteps echoed down the corridor. | in Her screams still echoed in his ears. | off The call echoed off the walls of the cave. | through Laughter echoed through the house. | with The great hall echoed with laughter.

2 repeat/agree with sb/sth

ADV. exactly | faithfully, wholeheartedly | widely an opinion that is widely echoed in the tabloid press | clearly | merely, only, simply In his statement, the minister merely echoed the views of the chief police officer. | disbelievingly, incredulously ‘He's gone!’ Viv echoed incredulously.

VERB + ECHO seem to They had ideas which seem to echo our own.