drop verb

1 allow sth to fall

ADV. accidentally, carelessly | almost, nearly | promptly He saw Emma and promptly dropped his tray of drinks.

PREP. in/into, on/onto I accidentally dropped my glasses into the water.

2 jump/move downwards

ADV. heavily | gently, lightly | quickly | limply, uselessly His arms dropped uselessly to his sides. | down, open Her mouth dropped open in disbelief.

VERB + DROP let sth She smiled and let her eyes drop again. | be/feel ready to I feel ready to drop (= because I am so tired).

PREP. into, onto, to He dropped lightly down onto the lawn beneath.

PHRASES drop like a stone (figurative) Her heart dropped like a stone at this news.

3 become lower

ADV. considerably, dramatically, drastically, sharply, significantly The price of oil has dropped significantly. | slightly | fast, rapidly | steadily | further

VERB + DROP be likely/unlikely to Sales are likely to drop further.

PREP. below The temperature rarely drops below 30°C. | by The price has dropped by 15 per cent. | from, to The number of children in the class has dropped from 25 to 18.

4 slope downwards

ADV. sharply, steeply | away

PREP. into/to/towards The land dropped steeply away into a small valley.

5 no longer include sb in sth

ADV. quietly

PREP. from He has been quietly dropped from the England team. | in favour of

6 stop doing sth/be stopped

ADV. quietly The subject was quietly dropped. | suddenly He suddenly dropped his habitual banter. | eventually, finally | altogether When nobody volunteered, the idea was finally dropped altogether.

VERB + DROP let sth Can't we just let the matter drop? | agree to, decide to Both countries have agreed to drop border controls.

PREP. in favour of The formal grade of Geologist was dropped in favour of Scientific Officer.