drink verb

1 take liquid into the body

ADV. greedily I pulled the ring-top from the can and drank greedily. | down, up He filled a cup with water and drank it down in one gulp. Drink up, and let's go home.

VERB + DRINK get yourself sth to, find sth to, have sth to Go and get yourself something to eat and drink.

PREP. from He drank from a tumbler. | through drinking lemonade through a straw

PHRASES eat and drink

2 drink alcohol

ADV. excessively, heavily, to excess, too much He's been drinking heavily since he lost his job. | in moderation, moderately, sensibly One way of persuading people to drink sensibly is to provide good-tasting alternatives with less alcohol. | steadily She had been drinking steadily since the early morning.

PHRASES drink and drive The campaign aims to persuade people not to drink and drive. | drink like a fish (= drink a lot) Simon was drinking like a fish that evening. | drink yourself to death He knew that he was probably drinking himself to death.