dress verb

1 put on clothes

ADV. hurriedly, quickly | slowly | carefully

PREP. in He dressed carefully in the brown suit he had been married in.

PHRASES be fully dressed She lay down on her bed, fully dressed. | get dressed She got dressed quickly.

2 wear clothes

ADV. beautifully, elegantly, fashionably, immaculately, impeccably, neatly, nicely, smartly, well Susan always dresses very elegantly. She was determined to be the best dressed woman at the wedding. | badly, poorly, shabbily | appropriately, suitably | unsuitably | decently, properly, respectably | improperly | plainly, simply, soberly | ostentatiously, nattily, richly | casually | formally | expensively | warmly | scantily | identically The twins were dressed identically.

PREP. for I have to dress smartly for work. | in The women were all dressed in blue skirts and white blouses.