dream noun

1 while you are asleep

ADJ. awful, bad, disturbing, strange a child frightened by a bad dream | pleasant | vivid | recurrent | erotic, wet | prophetic He had a prophetic dream about a train crash the night before the rail disaster.

VERB + DREAM dream, have She fell asleep and dreamed strange dreams. I had a very disturbing dream last night. | awake/wake from, be awoken/woken from I was awoken from my dream by a knock at the door. | interpret | haunt Images of the crash still haunted his dreams years later.

DREAM + VERB come true I hope my dream about prison won't come true! | haunt sb vivid dreams that regularly haunted him

DREAM + NOUN interpretation

PREP. in a/the ~ In her dream, she was on board a ship heading for America. | ~ about a recurrent dream about being late for an exam

PHRASES as (if) in a dream She found herself standing in front of the crowded hall and making her speech, as if in a dream. | sweet dreams ‘Sweet dreams,’ she said, turning off the light.

2 sth that you want very much to happen

ADJ. big, great Her biggest dream was to become a singer. | lifelong | distant His plans to travel the world now seemed like a distant dream. | impossible Peace no longer seemed an impossible dream. | utopian | romantic She had this romantic dream of living in a windmill.

VERB + DREAM cherish, have the great utopian dream that they have cherished for so long | achieve, fulfil, realize At last his dreams were fulfilled. | shatter The injury shattered her dream of running in the Olympics. | keep alive The victory keeps San Marino's dream of a World Cup place alive.

DREAM + VERB come true He put all his efforts into making his dream of a united country come true. | turn into a nightmare, turn sour Their dream turned into a nightmare as the cruise ship began to sink.

DREAM + NOUN holiday, home, house After Betty retired, she and her husband designed and built their dream house. | world The government is living in a dream world if they think voters will agree to higher taxes.

PREP. ~ of their dream of a fairer world

PHRASES the … of sb's dreams the house of her dreams | beyond sb's wildest dreams They achieved a success beyond their wildest dreams. | a dream come true Their holiday in the Bahamas was a dream come true.