draw verb

1 make pictures

ADV. accurately, beautifully, carefully, clearly, well a beautifully drawn picture He draws very well. | badly, crudely, roughly a crudely drawn child's face

2 pull

ADV. half, partly The blinds were partly drawn. | back She drew back the curtains and let the sunlight in. | up | aside, to one side I tried to draw him aside so I could talk to him in private. | together (figurative) The project enables students to draw together their knowledge, skills and experience.

PREP. onto She drew me onto the balcony | out of He drew the cork out of the bottle. | to I drew my chair up to the fire. | towards

3 attract

ADV. immediately | inevitably, inexorably, irresistibly Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.

PREP. from The scheme has drawn interest from local businessmen. | to We asked the surfing champion what first drew him to the sport. PHRASAL VERBS draw on/upon sth

ADV. heavily The novelist draws heavily on her personal experiences. draw sth up

ADV. professionally, properly Make sure the contract is properly drawn up.