divorce noun

ADJ. amicable, uncontested | acrimonious, bitter | messy, painful | quick

VERB + DIVORCE want | apply for, ask for, file for, petition for, seek, sue for, want She filed for divorce in 1996. | get, obtain He told her that he was married but getting a divorce. | experience, go through She watched her parents go through an acrimonious divorce. | agree to, consent to | contest These days divorce is rarely contested. | grant (sb) Over 50,000 divorces were granted last year. | refuse sb | end in An increasing number of marriages end in divorce.

DIVORCE + VERB come through He is waiting for the divorce to come through before he remarries.

DIVORCE + NOUN court | case, proceedings | decree, settlement | figures, rate, statistics The divorce rate has been growing steadily since 1971. | law

PREP. ~ from her divorce from the pop star | ~ on the grounds of seeking a divorce on the grounds of cruelty

PHRASES grounds for divorce He cited adultery as grounds for divorce.