division noun

1 dividing sth into separate parts

ADJ. clear, distinct, simple Sometimes there is no simple division between good and evil. | complex, elaborate | rigid | broad, rough | equal, fair | unequal, unfair an unequal division of the cake an unfair division of labour | conventional, time-honoured the conventional division of language into grammar and vocabulary | theoretical | hierarchical hierarchical division between ‘workers’ and ‘management’ | threefold, three-way, tripartite | cell

VERB + DIVISION make You can make a rough division of his music into ‘light’ and ‘serious’.

PREP. ~ among His will detailed his assets and gave instructions for their division among his children. | ~ between the division of the money between the members | ~ into In selling there is a broad division into direct and indirect methods.

PHRASES the division of labour, the division of wealth

2 differences between two groups/things, etc.

ADJ. bitter, deep, great, sharp There are sharp divisions within the party over the privatization of the railways. | fundamental | factional, internal factional divisions within the party | traditional | north-south | class, cultural, ethnic, gender, ideological, linguistic, political, sexual, social, societal

VERB + DIVISION create, provoke | exploit | heal The prime minister's speech will attempt to heal divisions within his party.

PREP. ~ among There are reports of serious divisions among senior party members. | ~ between, ~ within division within the government

3 section of an organization

ADJ. regional | industrial, manufacturing, marketing, retail, sales, training, wholesale | administrative the administrative divisions of the Roman Empire | airborne, armoured, infantry, etc. | first, high, low, premier, second, senior, top, etc. (sport) He's now playing football in the higher divisions. | heavyweight, lightweight, middleweight, etc. (= in boxing, etc.)

PREP. in the … ~ They compete in the senior division of the chess league.

4 dividing one number by another

ADJ. long

VERB + DIVISION do Can you do long division?

PREP. ~ by division by three