distribution noun

1 way sth is shared or exists over an area

ADJ. egalitarian, equitable, fair to ensure a fair distribution of wealth | inequitable, unfair | equal an equal distribution of wealth between people of different age groups | unequal | even, uniform After applying the cream, comb through to ensure even distribution. | uneven The country was noted for its uneven distribution of land resources. | optimal, optimum | relative the relative distribution of continents and oceans | general, overall the general distribution of earthquakes around the world | broad, wide, widespread the broad distribution of Bronze Age artefacts across Europe the wider distribution of wealth throughout society | local, localized Fish populations assume highly localized distributions within each river. | global, regional, worldwide | spatial | income, wealth | weight | age, class, geographical, population, sex, social the social class distribution of the male population | normal, random, skewed, smooth (all mathematics) a normal distribution with a bell-shaped frequency curve | binomial, frequency, probability (all mathematics)

VERB + DISTRIBUTION achieve, ensure The engine is mounted in the middle to achieve a more even weight distribution. | determine Radiology was used to determine the distribution of the disease. | have, show (mathematics) These birds have a wide geographical distribution. IQs within the population show a normal distribution.

DISTRIBUTION + NOUN pattern Animal herds may form in response to the distribution patterns of food. | map an atlas containing distribution maps of the most important tropical diseases

PREP. ~ across the distribution of resources across society | ~ among data on wealth distribution among age groups | ~ between a disparity in age distribution between groups | ~ over the distribution of trees over the estate | ~ throughout uniform distribution of the chemical throughout the timber

PHRASES a change in distribution changes in the distribution of wealth and income

2 giving/delivering sth to people

ADJ. free The document contains sensitive information and is not suitable for free (= unrestricted) distribution. The previously free (= not paid for) distribution of textbooks will now be confined to students who are needy. | general Our catalogue lists all our books that are available for general distribution. | selective | exclusive The publisher has signed an agreement for the exclusive distribution of the books in the US. | proper | electronic the electronic distribution of software to customers | global, international, local, national, worldwide Roads are used for local distribution of goods. | electricity, food, fuel, gas, land, milk, water the creation of 1,500 smallholdings as part of a land distribution programme | retail, wholesale the wholesale and retail distribution of a huge variety of goods

VERB + DISTRIBUTION control, handle, organize The company is to handle the distribution of the product in Europe. | available for 2,000 copies of the booklet have been printed and are available for distribution. | ensure to ensure the proper distribution of medical aid | allow (for) to allow for the distribution of aid

DISTRIBUTION + NOUN agreement, arrangement, deal Her company has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement. | list I attach a copy of the distribution list so you can see who got the last edition. | rights | costs | channel We have man | network | method | system | facilities The company wants to invest in new distribution facilities. | base, centre, depot, outlet, point The company has decided to use Belfast as its distribution base. | operation The company has manufacturing or distribution operations in 33 countries worldwide. | business, company | industry

PREP. for ~ free colour leaflets for distribution overseas | ~ among food for distribution among the villagers | ~ between the distribution of the health budget between various hospitals | ~ by the distribution by the government of a leaflet explaining the new tax | ~ through distribution through department stores | ~ to The food was parcelled up for distribution to outlying communities.

PHRASES a/the chain of distribution There are savings to be made where retailers are bypassed in the chain of distribution. | a channel of distribution

3 payment

ADJ. capital, dividend, share | cash

VERB + DISTRIBUTION make When are distributions likely to be made to creditors? | be available for These are company reserves available for distribution as the directors may determine.

PREP. ~ to The promissory notes were purchased for distribution to investors.