dismissal noun

1 from a job

ADJ. automatic, immediate, instant, summary His attack on the manager led to his instant dismissal. | constructive, unfair, wrongful She won her claim for constructive dismissal because she had been pressured into resigning.

VERB + DISMISSAL lead to | call for Crash victims are calling for the dismissal of the coach driver. | be faced with, be threatened with, face, risk They were warned that they risked dismissal if the strike continued. | appeal against, claim Cooke, who was with the firm 30 years, claims unfair dismissal.

PREP. ~ for his dismissal for poor performance | ~ on the grounds of She is now faced with dismissal on the grounds of misconduct.

PHRASES grounds/reason for dismissal

2 refusing to consider sth

ADJ. arrogant, callous, casual, disdainful, easy

PREP. ~ of his callous dismissal of her father's illness