dislike noun

1 feeling of not liking sb/sth

ADJ. acute, deep, great, hearty, intense, real, strong, violent Several committee members expressed their intense dislike of the chairman. | growing | particular | obvious, marked | instant | instinctive | open | active She threw him a look of active dislike. | cold He glanced at her with cold dislike. | pathological | personal | mutual In spite of their mutual dislike and hostility, they quite often worked together.

VERB + DISLIKE feel, have She felt dislike rather than sympathy as he told his story. My grandfather has a great dislike of long hair on boys. | express, show | take I took an instant dislike to my new colleague.

PREP. with ~ Sonia stared at me with dislike and distrust. | ~ for She had a deep dislike for Robert's wife.

PHRASES a feeling/look of dislike

2 sth you do not like

PHRASES your likes and dislikes I've told you all my likes and dislikes.