dish noun

1 container

ADJ. deep | flat, shallow | empty | baking, cooking, roasting, serving | fireproof, heatproof, ovenproof | china, glass, metal, silver | casserole, gratin, pie, souffle, soup | butter, food, soap, vegetable your pet's food dish

PREP. in a/the ~ Arrange the chicken and salad in a serving dish.

2 the dishes: plates, bowls, etc.

ADJ. clean | dirty, unwashed The dirty breakfast dishes were still in the sink when we got home. | breakfast

VERB + DISH do, wash It's your turn to do the dishes. | dry He dried the dishes and put them away. | put away

3 type of food

ADJ. main, side Serve one or two main dishes with a choice of salads and nibbles. | favourite Do you have a favourite dish? | delicious, tasty, wonderful | elaborate | simple a simple dish, beautifully prepared | classic, traditional | savoury, sweet | spiced/spicy | cold, hot | local, international, national, regional The national dish is ‘bigos’?hunter's stew. | Chinese, French, etc. | vegetarian | cheese, egg, fish, meat, pasta, rice, seafood, vegetable Goulash is a meat dish. | breakfast, lunch, supper Kedgeree makes a wonderful supper dish.

VERB + DISH cook, make, prepare She cooked us a delicious French dish with pork and tomatoes. | serve a restaurant that serves traditional Indian dishes | recommend | sample, try They sampled all the local dishes.

PHRASES the dish of the day I can recommend the chef's dish of the day. > Special page at FOOD