discount noun

ADJ. big, generous, good, high, huge, large, massive, substantial | low | special There is a special discount for staff. | staff, trade They offer a trade discount to builders. | cash, volume We offer a 5% cash discount for prompt payment.

VERB + DISCOUNT allow sb, give (sb), offer (sb) They only give you a discount if you buy more than a certain amount. | get, obtain, receive | be entitled to, qualify for If you collect ten bonus points, you will be entitled to a discount. | negotiate It is important to negotiate a good discount and obtain books on approval.

DISCOUNT + NOUN card, voucher Members are given a discount card which entitles them to 20% off. | scheme, system | price, rate | house, shop, store (= that regularly sells good at a discount)

PREP. at a ~ Tickets are available to members at a discount. | ~ of a discount of 30% | ~ on Customers are allowed a discount on orders over £500.

PHRASES a rate of discount