discipline noun

1 controlling behaviour

ADJ. effective, firm, good, strong We need better discipline in our schools. | harsh, iron, rigid, strict strict military discipline | lax, poor Discipline was too lax. | staff, team | military, naval, party, prison, school, work

VERB + DISCIPLINE enforce, exercise, exert, impose the discipline that the party exercises over its members | keep, maintain The teacher was unable to maintain discipline. | accept, submit to They submitted to the discipline imposed by their leaders. | have The school was criticized for having very poor discipline. | lack Modern schools lack discipline. | tighten The new headmaster tightened discipline in the school. | relax | restore

PHRASES a breach of discipline It's unfair to dismiss somebody for a single breach of discipline. | a breakdown of discipline a breakdown of discipline in the classroom | a lack of discipline

2 controlling yourself

ADJ. good, great, useful, valuable It is good discipline to learn to delegate. | strict | personal | mental, spiritual | business, commercial, financial, fiscal, industrial, market, monetary The chancellor has stabilized the economy through strict fiscal discipline.

VERB + DISCIPLINE have He'll never get anywhere working for himself?he's got no discipline. | show | lack | demand, require, take It takes great discipline to learn a musical instrument.

PHRASES a lack of discipline

3 subject of study

ADJ. core, main, major Students are to be tested on the three core disciplines: maths, English and science. | distinct, independent When did sociology emerge as a distinct discipline? | established, traditional | subject | academic, intellectual They established psychology as an academic discipline. | professional | humanities, science/scientific

PREP. across ~s There is a lack of communication across disciplines (= between teachers and students of different subjects). | within a/the ~ Within a discipline there may be more than one school of thought.

PHRASES a range of disciplines The university offers a wide range of disciplines.