diplomacy noun

1 managing international relations

ADJ. careful, shrewd | ‘gunboat … ’ What they could not take by political intrigue they took by ‘gunboat diplomacy’ (= threatening military action). | international | secret | personal Churchill's highly personal diplomacy in seeking a meeting with the Russians | traditional a crisis lying outside the scope of traditional diplomacy | preventive | shuttle a round of shuttle diplomacy between Washington and Brussels | Anglo-French, European, Russian, etc.

VERB + DIPLOMACY use prefering to use diplomacy rather than force

DIPLOMACY + VERB go on Behind the scenes a lot of secret diplomacy was going on.

PREP. by/through ~ We must try and resolve this situation through diplomacy rather than conflict.

2 skill in dealing with people

ADJ. great | quiet

VERB + DIPLOMACY have We need someone who has tact and diplomacy. | exercise, show, use I thought you showed great diplomacy in dealing with him. | call for, need, require Trying to get the divorced couple to agree calls for a great deal of diplomacy.

PREP. by/through ~ The way forward in this situation is by diplomacy and negotiation. | with ~ She handled the awkward situation with her usual quiet diplomacy.