dignity noun

ADJ. enormous, great | calm, quiet She spoke to him with quiet dignity. | human, personal the importance of human dignity

VERB + DIGNITY have, possess These people have enormous dignity. | keep, maintain, preserve, retain We all want to maintain our dignity in old age. | give sb Being treated in the privacy of your own room gives you more dignity. | lose The awful thing about old age is losing your dignity. | destroy, rob/strip sb of, threaten Slavery destroys human dignity. Keeping prisoners in such dreadful conditions strips them of all dignity. | muster With as much dignity as he could muster, he left the room. | stand on (= insist on the respect you think you deserve) She was never one to stand on her dignity.

PREP. beneath your ~ He clearly regarded manual work as beneath his dignity. | with ~ the right to die with dignity

PHRASES an air of dignity His aristocratic voice gives him an air of dignity and power. | lacking in dignity We felt that the way she was treated was lacking in dignity. | a lack of dignity, a loss of dignity He hoped that he could change his mind without loss of dignity. | a sense of dignity She had a strong sense of dignity. | with your dignity intact He needed a way to retreat with his dignity intact.