development noun

1 developing sth

ADJ. full School should encourage the full development of a student's talents. | gradual | rapid | sustainable | healthy | commercial, economic, industrial | evolutionary, historical | regional | rural, suburban, urban | human | educational, emotional, intellectual, linguistic, personal, physical, psychological, sexual, social, spiritual | software | child | property

VERB + DEVELOPMENT aid, allow, assist, encourage, enhance, facilitate, favour, foster, permit, promote, stimulate, support Education stimulates the stage in the development of Anglo-Irish relations | a stage of development This is a perfectly normal stage of development.

2 new event/idea

ADJ. exciting, important, major, radical, remarkable, significant, striking | the latest, new, recent | logical The move from TV to film was a logical development in her career. | unexpected | welcome | political, scientific, technical, technological

DEVELOPMENT + VERB occur, take place the significant developments taking place in the health service

PREP. ~ in new developments in film-making

3 new buildings

ADJ. housing, property | development of rational thinking. A group of experts has been brought together to support the develop business, commercial | ribbon | accelerate, speed up Ribbon developments (= lines of Environmental factors can buildings) extended along the main accelerate the development of road.certain cancers. | arrest, discourage, halt, hinder, inhibit, prevent, restrict, retard, slow Too much emphasis on memorizing facts can inhibit the development of creative thinking. | finance The company went deep into debt to finance the development of the engine. | monitor, oversee A UN team is monitoring the development of the peace process. | trace In the opening chapter, the author traces the development of judo from its ancient roots.

DEVELOPMENT + VERB occur, take place

DEVELOPMENT + NOUN initiative, plan, programme, project, scheme | aid, assistance | work The invention requires more development work to make it viable. | process the lengthy development process of a new model of car | budget, capital, fund, grant | costs, expenditure

PREP. during ~ Cell divisions during development occur in a fixed sequence. | in ~ A more powerful version of this electric bus in currently in development. | under ~ The new vaccine is still under development.

PHRASES research and development I do quite a lot of research and development work in my job. | a stage in the development of sth an important