detail noun

ADJ. little, minor, minute, small, tiny It is important to get even the small details right. | considerable, fine, great, meticulous Now let us examine this idea in greater detail. Every new animal or plant found was recorded in meticulous detail. | exact, precise I don't need to know the precise details of your quarrel. | colourful, vivid | graphic, sordid I can still remember the accident in graphic detail. | intimate The diary contains intimate details of their life together. | complete, full We'll give you full details of how to enter our competition later. | bare, brief, sketchy ~s He only managed to give the police a few sketchy details of the robbery. | essential I only know the barest details of his plans. | practical I haven't sorted out the practical details of getting there yet. | complex, intricate | final Everyone must approve the basic plan before the final details are drawn up. | concrete Can you give me some concrete details of how you've been saving money? | factual, historical, technical

QUANT. point I must correct some points of detail in your article on Barcelona. | wealth The book provides a wealth of detail on daily life in Ancient Rome. | level Ensure that your diagrams contain the appropriate level of detail.

VERB + DETAIL give, go into, provide, send, supply Briefly describe the product, but do not give any technical details at this stage. I don't want to go into any more detail than absolutely necessary. | lay out, lay sth out in, set out, set sth out in, spell out, spell sth out in Details of the pension plan are set out below. The rules are set out in detail in chapter seven. | establish, finalize, work out, work sth out in We haven't yet worked out the the case. | show The receipt shows details of the item purchased. | disclose, pass on, release ~s The city council refused to disclose details of the proposed traffic ban. | find out ~s You can find o | enter ~s Enter your details in the form below then click on ‘submit’. | take ~s The secretary took my details and said they would get back to me. | check Make sure you check the details of the policy before you sign it. | record The computer records the details of everyone entering the country. | be lacking in, lack The speech was well delivered but lacking in detail.

PREP. for ~s For details contact Joanna Morland. | in ~ I haven't looked at the proposal in detail yet. | over a/the ~ They're still arguing over the details of the contract. | ~ about I won't go into detail about the threats she made. | ~ on For more detail on how to obtain a visa, see page 8.

PHRASES attention to detail The secret of their success lies in their attention to detail. | down to the last detail an expedition planned down to the last detail | every last detail She remembered every last detail of what I'd told her the month before. | an eye for detail He has an excellent eye for detail. | full of detail Her short stories are full of detail and humour. | a lack of detail The report was criticized for its lack of detail. travel details. | discuss, negotiate We still need to negotiate the details of the contract. | fill sb in on I'll give you a call later and fill you in on the details. | spare sb (informal) ‘We had a terrible time?’ ‘Oh, spare me the details (= don't tell me any more).’ | contain, have Tomorrow's papers will contain full details of