description noun

ADJ. complete, comprehensive, detailed, full The catalogue gives a full description of each product. | accurate, apt, exact, excellent, fair, fitting, good, perfect ‘Like a fish out of water’ was an apt description of how I felt in my new job. | vivid a vivid description of life in Ancient Rome | graphic, lurid She gave us a lurid description of the birth. | lengthy, long | brief, short | basic, simple | vague | objective A report is generally an objective description rather than a statement of opinion. | physical | job There was no mention of any cleaning in my job description.

VERB + DESCRIPTION give (sb), issue, provide (sb with) Police have issued a description of the gunman. She was able to provide a description of the intruder. | fit A man fitting your description was seen entering the building. | beggar, defy His face was so odd that it defies description.

DESCRIPTION + VERB apply to sb, fit sb I realized to my horror that the description of the killer fitted me.