deposit noun

1 money paid into a bank account

ADJ. bank, building society Building society deposits have increased by 2.3%. | cash | dollar, sterling, etc.

VERB + DEPOSIT make She made a deposit of £60 into her account.

DEPOSIT + NOUN account

2 money which is the first payment for sth

VERB + DEPOSIT pay, put down

PREP. ~ on We've put down the deposit on our new car.

3 money paid when you rent sth

ADJ. refundable, returnable All deposits for holiday cottages are refundable.

VERB + DEPOSIT give (sb), leave (sb), pay (sb) You have to pay a deposit of £100 as well as two months' rent. | get back You'll get back your deposit once we've checked the bikes are all right. | forfeit, lose If furniture is damaged, you will forfeit your deposit.

PREP. ~ on I had to leave a £50 deposit on the bike.

4 layer of sth

ADJ. large | rich | thick, thin The floods left a thick deposit of mud over the fields. | gas, mineral, ore, etc. an area with large mineral deposits | geological, glacial, sedimentary

VERB + DEPOSIT have The region has many deposits of valuable oil. | leave