dependent adj.

1 needing sb/sth

VERBS be, feel | become | remain

ADV. closely, deeply, greatly, heavily, highly, very Many of the patients are closely dependent on staff for day-to-day emotional support. The country is heavily dependent on oil and gas imports. | critically, crucially Modern science is critically dependent on high-performance computing. | absolutely, completely, entirely, solely, totally, utterly, wholly Jane had never met anyone so utterly dependent. The land is dry and wholly dependent on irrigation. | increasingly | essentially, largely, mainly | partially, partly 34% of people in the survey were at least partially dependent on public transport. | directly | mutually The various organs of the body do not function in isolation but are mutually dependent. | economically, financially | emotionally

PREP. on/upon Small firms are dependent upon the local economy.

2 dependent on/upon: influenced/decided by sth


ADV. strongly | entirely, solely, totally The amount of benefit you receive is entirely dependent on the amount you have paid in. | essentially, largely, mainly Your access to a good education is largely dependent on where you live. | partially, partly