deny verb

1 say sth is not true

ADV. emphatically, fiercely, firmly, hotly, strenuously, strongly, vehemently, vigorously Both women vehemently deny the charges against them. | angrily, indignantly | categorically, flatly He has categorically denied being involved in the fraud. | explicitly, expressly | implicitly | formally | publicly | immediately, promptly | simply If anyone accuses me I shall simply deny it. | consistently, repeatedly He has consistently denied murdering his estranged wife.

VERB + DENY cannot You can't deny that it seems a very attractive idea. | try to I know it was you I saw, so there's no use trying to deny it.

PHRASES no one could/would deny that No one would deny that there is a very great need for change. | there is no denying sth There is no denying the fact that she is an excellent scholar.

2 refuse sb sth

ADV. cruelly They were cruelly denied victory by an injury-time strike from Owen. | effectively Children could be compelled to work on the farm, effectively denying them schooling.

PREP. to You cannot deny this opportunity to me.