demonstration noun

1 public protest/march

ADJ. big, huge, large, large-scale, major, massive | mass, popular, public mass demonstrations against cuts in the health service The president's decision provoked public demonstrations. | street | spontaneous | peaceful Thousands gathered for a peaceful demonstration. | violent | hostile | protest a protest demonstration against the war | student | opposition | anti-war, pro-democracy, etc.

VERB + DEMONSTRATION hold, organize, stage Taxi drivers staged a demonstration against the new law. | go on, join, participate in, take part in | call off The demonstration was called off at the last minute. | break up, disperse Police in riot gear dispersed the demonstration. | ban, suppress | provoke, spark (off) The minister does not wish to provoke further demonstrations.

DEMONSTRATION + VERB take place | call for sth demonstrations calling for an end to sanctions | greet The visiting president was greeted by hostile demonstrations.

PREP. at a/the ~ police intervention at demonstrations | during a/the ~ Hundreds were arrested during demonstrations in the capital. | ~ against, ~ in protest at demonstrations in protest at the arrests | ~ in favour of, ~ in support of student demonstrations in favour of a multi-party system

2 showing/explaining sth

ADJ. physical, practical physical demonstrations of affection | cookery, product, etc.

VERB + DEMONSTRATION do, give sb I'll give a quick demonstration of some knitting techniques. | watch

3 sth that shows clearly that sth is true

ADJ. clear, convincing, dramatic, impressive, perfect, vivid The strike was a dramatic demonstration of the power of the workforce.