demand noun

1 firm request

ADJ. legitimate, realistic, reasonable I think your demand for higher wages is perfectly reasonable. | unrealistic, unreasonable | radical | urgent | central, key, main, major | fresh, new, renewed There have been renewed demands for the government to take action to reduce crime. | growing, increasing | final A final demand for payment had been issued. | written | financial, political | government, opposition, popular, public, royal, union The management had no intention of meeting union demands. | pay, ransom, tax, wage A ransom demand has been made for the kidnapped racehorse.

VERB + DEMAND issue, make, present, press, put forward Demands have been made for the immediate distribution of food to the refugees. | renew, repeat, step up Campaigners have stepped up their demands for immediate government action. | face | respond to | agree to, give in to, meet, satisfy, yield to My government cannot give in to the demands of an illegal organization. | reject, resist

PREP. on ~ Campaigners insist that abortion should be available on demand. | ~ for, ~ from demands from the opposition for a recount of the votes

2 need/desire for goods/services

ADJ. big, buoyant, considerable, enormous, great, heavy, high, huge, insatiable, peak, strong, unprecedented Demand for the product is buoyant. There's always a great demand for our soups in winter. | burgeoning, growing, increased/increasing, rising | excess, extra | constant, steady She is in constant demand to make public appearances and give interviews. | changing, fluctuating, seasonal | current, future | latent, likely, pent-up, potential, projected, prospective | overall, total We can estimate that total market demand for electrical goods will rise by 8%. | declining, falling, limited, low, reduced, sluggish | consumer, customer, market, popular, public By popular demand, the play will run for another week. | domestic, export, foreign, local, world, worldwide The slowdown in domestic demand was offset by an increase in exports. | electricity, energy, housing, labour, etc.

QUANT. level a high level of demand

VERB + DEMAND cope with, meet, satisfy The factories are staying open all weekend to try to meet the consumer demand for this product. | create, generate It is the job of the marketing manager to create demand for the new product. | boost, increase, stimulate | reduce | exceed, outstrip Supply normally exceeds demand for the bulk of consumer goods. | forecast It can be difficult to forecast demand in the construction industry. | manage policies aimed at managing demand

DEMAND + VERB grow, increase, rise Demand for personal computers has risen sharply. | decline, fall, slow (down) As demand slows, the need to export will return.

PREP. in ~ These old machines are still in demand. | ~ among the potential demand among children | ~ for increased demand for health products | ~ from the demand from consumers | ~ on This section of the population makes a high demand on health care resources.

PHRASES supply and demand the law of supply and demand > Special page at BUSINESS

3 demands: difficult/tiring things you have to do

ADJ. considerable, enormous, excessive, extra, great, heavy, high, impossible I think the demands of this job are excessive. | exacting, pressing | growing, increasing | competing, conflicting, contradictory | day-to-day, everyday the day-to-day demands of the job | immediate the need for scientific research freed from the immediate demands of industry | external The person who cannot say ‘no’ to others' requests is likely to be overwhelmed by external demands. | economic, emotional, financial, physical, practical, sexual, social, technical Life is hard for nurses on children's wards, where the emotional demands can be overwhelming.

VERB + DEMAND impose, make, place My elderly parents make a lot of demands on me. | respond to | cope with coping with the conflicting demands of work and family life

PREP. ~ on/upon My work seems to make more and more demands on my time.