delivery noun

1 act of delivering sth

ADJ. express, fast, immediate, prompt, quick | late | morning, next-day | recorded, scheduled, special Ensure all photographic material is properly packed and sent by recorded delivery. | guaranteed guaranteed express delivery to over 170 countries | safe | mail, milk, newspaper All mail deliveries were suspended during the strike. | service The cuts will inevitably impact on service delivery.

VERB + DELIVERY do, make We do all our deliveries in the mornings. | accept, take The government has now taken delivery of the new fighter planes.

DELIVERY + NOUN van | date, schedule, time | boy, man He was employed at the local grocery store as a delivery boy. | charge | service

PREP. for ~ completed orders for delivery | on ~ Please pay the driver on delivery. | ~ to The company offers free delivery to your home.

2 goods delivered

ADJ. large, small

VERB + DELIVERY get, receive The shop receives only one delivery of books per week.

3 giving birth to a baby

ADJ. difficult, easy | preterm | breech | vaginal | Caesarean | forceps, ventouse | The figures show an increase in forceps deliveries.

VERB + DELIVERY have She had a very easy delivery with her second child.