delight noun

1 feeling of great pleasure

ADJ. deep, great, intense | absolute, utter | pure, sheer | mischievous, perverse | childish/childlike | endless | evident, obvious | mutual | aesthetic, sensual, spiritual His mind was reeling with an almost aesthetic delight at the beauty of the thing.

VERB + DELIGHT express | find, take She took evident delight in frightening the children with horror stories. | give sb | scream with, squeal with, whoop with Alice squealed with sheer delight when she saw the monkeys. | be greeted with The news was greeted with great delight.

PREP. in/with ~ We danced around with childish delight. | of ~ She gave a whoop of delight and dived into the water. | to your ~ To my great delight, they phoned and offered me the job. | ~ at He expressed his delight at seeing us all again. | ~ in I find a perverse delight in listening to traffic.

PHRASES a cry/gasp/squeal of delight, much to sb's delight Much to the delight of the crowd, the band came back and did three encores.

2 sth that gives great pleasure

ADJ. real | constant, continual The baby was a constant delight and source of amazement. | unexpected | culinary, gastronomic

VERB + DELIGHT explore, sample | enjoy, savour Savour the culinary delights of Morocco.

PREP. to The old lady's reminiscences were a continual delight to Constance.