delegation noun

1 people who represent a company, country, etc.

ADJ. large, small | high-level, high-powered, high-ranking, important | international | all-party, joint The prime minister met with an all-party delegation from the city council. | government, military, official, parliamentary, trade union | business, peace, trade

VERB + DELEGATION send | head, lead A well-known academic will head the delegation. | form | invite The government invited an international delegation to inspect the plant. | meet

DELEGATION + VERB represent sth a delegation representing the new regime | include sth The delegation included representatives from nine nations. | visit sb/sth The delegation will visit several Middle Eastern countries for talks | meet sb | walk out The British delegation walked out of the discussions in protest.

PREP. in a/the ~ all the ministers in the delegation | ~ from an official delegation from Austria | ~ of a high-powered delegation of Asian businessmen

PHRASES the chairman/head/leader of a delegation, a member of a delegation

2 giving a job to sb with a lower rank

ADJ. effective, successful All managers should learn effective delegation.

PREP. by ~ Many of these tasks can be dealt with by delegation. | ~ of delegation of responsibility