defeat noun

ADJ. bitter, catastrophic, complete, comprehensive, crushing, decisive, devastating, disastrous, heavy, humiliating, ignominious, overwhelming, resounding, serious, stunning Their party suffered a heavy defeat in the election. The battle ended in a humiliating defeat. | narrow They lost 4?3 in their second narrow defeat of the week. | consecutive, successive | election, electoral, political | military

VERB + DEFEAT accept, admit, concede She is very determined, and will never admit defeat. The prime minister conceded defeat and resigned. | face | go down to, slump to, to suffer The team went down to their fifth consecutive defeat. | reverse A skilful politician can always reverse any defeats. | avoid We just need to avoid defeat in our last two matches. | inflict The army inflicted a heavy defeat on rebel forces. | end in | lead to

PREP. ~ against last week's crushing defeat against Manchester United | ~ by their defeat by the French

PHRASES defeat at the hands of sb The team suffered defeat at the hands of their oldest rivals.