deal noun

ADJ. fair, good | major They are hoping to clinch a major deal to supply computers to the army. | exclusive The TV station has signed an exclusive deal to show all United's home games. | lucrative | five-year, etc. | long-term | compromise | cut-price The company are offering cut-price deals on many flights. | shady He has been mixed up in several shady deals with arms dealers. | package The union accepted a package deal including higher pension and longer holiday allowance. | business, financial, political, trade | pay, sponsorship | arms, weapons | two-book, three-film, etc. The band signed a two-album deal with a record company.

VERB + DEAL agree, arrange, close, complete, conclude, cut, do, make, negotiate, reach, seal, sign, strike Management and unions have agreed a new deal on pay and productivity. I'll make a deal with you?I'll work evenings if you'll work weekends. | clinch, get, secure, win Nurses have taken to the streets to get a fair deal from the government. | have She has a lucrative deal with a cosmetics company. | pull out of Britain pulled out of the deal because of rising costs. | scupper Any sponsorship deal would be scuppered if Jones misses the Olympics. | offer (sb), propose | accept Staff have accepted a deal offering them a 2% share of profits. | reject

DEAL + VERB go ahead The pay deal will not now go ahead. | fall apart, fall through The deal fell through when the author received a more attractive offer.

PREP. in a/the ~ They took over the company in a £750,000 deal. | under a/the ~ Under the deal, you save money if you repay the loan early. | ~ between a deal between France and Spain | ~ from You may get a better deal from another bank. | ~ on I got a very good deal on my new car. | ~ over The unions are ready to do a deal over pay. | ~ with The company has done a deal with the catering staff.

PHRASES get/have a bad/raw/rotten/rough deal Immigrants often get a bad deal when it comes to pay. | get/have a fair/square deal The union tries to get a square deal for all its members. | part of the deal Increased holiday allowance is part of the deal. | the terms of the deal Under the terms of the deal, the band has to make two albums a year. > Special page at BUSINESS