daylight noun

ADJ. broad, full He was robbed in broad daylight. | natural I prefer to work in natural daylight.

VERB + DAYLIGHT let in The thin curtains let in the daylight. | shut out The shutters were closed to keep out the daylight. | emerge into The prisoners emerged, blinking, into daylight.

DAYLIGHT + VERB filter through sth, flood in, penetrate sth A little daylight was filtering through the curtains. He drew back the curtains and the daylight flooded in. The daylight penetrated to the far corners of the room. | break Towards 6 a.m. daylight broke. | fade The evening turned cool as daylight faded.

DAYLIGHT + NOUN hours The public has access during daylight hours.

PREP. before ~ She was up before daylight. | by ~ By daylight the fire was almost under control. | in ~ I can see better in daylight. | into the ~ She went back out into the daylight.

PHRASES the hours of daylight The machines roar incessantly during the hours of daylight.