data noun

ADJ. accurate, reliable | comprehensive, detailed, extensive | raw We have amassed the raw data and are about to begin analysing it. | factual, hard There is no hard data to support these theories. | empirical, experimental, numerical, observational, scientific, statistical | demographic, environmental, financial, geological, historical, technical

QUANT. item, piece One vital item of data was missing from the table. | mass, set Special software is needed to manipulate the mass of data. Although we were using the same set of data, we obtained different results.

VERB + DATA acquire, amass, capture, collect, gather, get, obtain We need to collect more data before we can do any more work. | enter, feed in | have, hold, record, store They are not allowed to hold data on people's private finances. | access, retrieve | analyse, examine, interpret, look at, study | handle, manage, manipulate, process The computer can manipulate massive amounts of data. | exchange, share, transfer | present (sb with) | provide (sb with) The government departments refused to provide the data that we required.

DATA + VERB be derived from sth The data derived from this project has vastly increased our knowledge of how genes work. | indicate sth, reflect sth, show sth, suggest sth Data indicates that most crime is committed by young males. This data reflects the magnitude of the problem. | support sth

DATA + NOUN acquisition, capture, collection | entry, input | storage | access, retrieval | analysis, handling, management, manipulation, processing | exchange, interchange, transfer, transmission | protection, security | source | archive, bank (also databank), base (also database), file | system

PREP. in the ~ We have found some very interesting things in the data. | ~ about Data about patients is only released with their permission. | ~ for We have no data for southern Spain. | ~ from My aim is to synthesize data from all the surveys. | ~ on data on the effects of pollution

PHRASES the acquisition/handling/storage, etc. of data, a source of data