dance noun

1 series of steps/movements to music

ADJ. little | fast, lively | slow, stately | traditional | ritual | ballroom, folk, square | rain | mating pigeons performing their mating dance

VERB + DANCE dance, do, perform In her delight she got up and did a little dance. | have May I have the next dance? I felt like having a dance. | like Would you like a dance? | sit out She had to sit out the last dance because of a twisted ankle.

DANCE + NOUN music, rhythm | routine, sequence, step | class, teacher | floor, hall, studio

2 social meeting with dancing

ADJ. barn | school | dinner, supper, tea

VERB + DANCE go to | hold


PREP. at a/the ~ They met at a dance.

3 dancing as a form of art/entertainment

ADJ. contemporary, modern | classical

DANCE + NOUN company, troupe

PHRASES a school of dance, a style of dance