cycle noun

1 series of events that happen repeatedly

ADJ. annual, daily, monthly, regular, seasonal, weekly the annual cycle of church festivals | complete, entire, whole | endless the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth | natural Life is a natural cycle, just like the changing seasons. | vicious caught up in a vicious cycle of bingeing and dieting | lunar, solar the 76-year solar cycle | breeding, menstrual, reproductive | business, economic | water a diagram of the water cycle | life the life cycle of the butterfly

VERB + CYCLE go through The European market is simply going through an economic cycle. | complete To complete the cycle, oxygen is necessary. | repeat

CYCLE + VERB begin again Male and female adults mate, the female lays eggs, and the cycle begins all over again. | repeat (itself) This cycle of events continually repeats itself.

CYCLE + NOUN length, time

PREP. in a/the ~ at this point in the cycle | per ~ The number of young produced per breeding cycle varies from species to species.

PHRASES part of the cycle (of sth) part of the cycle of birth and death

2 bicycle

ADJ. motor (also motorcycle), pedal


CYCLE + NOUN ride, tour We're going for a cycle ride this afternoon. | helmet | lane, path, route, track Cars are not allowed in the cycle lanes. | race

PREP. by ~ They completed their journey by cycle. | on a/the ~ lots of people in cars or on cycles