cut noun

1 hole/opening made by cutting

ADJ. clean, neat

VERB + CUT make | give a high-quality blade that gives a clean cut

PREP. ~ in Using sharp scissors, make a small cut in the material.

2 wound

ADJ. bad, deep, nasty | minor, small, superficial He's got a small cut on his finger. | clean

VERB + CUT have | get, suffer She got a bad cut over her right eye. | clean Clean the cut and cover it to prevent infection. | bandage, cover, dress

CUT + VERB heal A clean cut heals quickly.

PREP. ~ on a cut on her hand | ~ to One man was attacked and suffered cuts to his face.

PHRASES cuts and bruises

3 act of cutting sth

ADJ. hair

VERB + CUT have I've made an appointment to have a hair cut.

4 reduction

ADJ. big, deep, drastic, large, major, massive, real, savage, severe, sharp, significant, substantial, swingeing | government | financial | budget, defence, education, expenditure, interest-rate, job, pay, price, service, spending, staff, tax, wage They get a lot of power cuts because they have overhead wires. | power

QUANT. round The company has announced a new round of job cuts.

VERB + CUT make They are planning to make substantial cuts in the service. | announce, propose proposed tax cuts | suffer, take The staff have all had to take a cut in salary.

CUT + VERB come into effect The cuts will come into effect next May.

PREP. ~ in cuts in public spending

5 piece of meat

ADJ. choice, expensive, good, lean | cheap | cold ~s

PREP. ~ of The recipe calls for a good lean cut of beef.

6 share in the profits

VERB + CUT get, have, take By the time the organizers have had their cut, there won't be much left.

PREP. ~ of He takes a cut of the profits.