customer noun

ADJ. big, favoured, good, important, key, large, major They are one of our biggest customers. They organized an evening's entertainment for favoured customers. | long-standing, long-time, loyal | regular | current, existing | potential, prospective, would-be There are a large number of potential customers for the new product. | dissatisfied, unhappy | satisfied We like to think that we have satisfied customers. | domestic | external, outside | international, overseas | personal, private | business, commercial, corporate, industrial

VERB + CUSTOMER have | deal with, serve | attract, entice, get It's a special offer to attract new customers. | lose We can't afford to lose any more customers.

CUSTOMER + NOUN care, relations, service, support If you have a complaint, contact the customer care unit. Part of good customer relations is knowing how to deal with complaints. | account, order | agreement The terms of the guarantee will be set out in the customer agreement. | demand/demands, needs, requirements, specifications This cheaper model was produced in response to customer demand. | reaction The questionnaire is to test customer reaction to the new store design. | dissatisfaction, satisfaction They carried out a customer satisfaction survey. | loyalty | complaints, enquiries | survey | profile, records | base They are hoping that TV advertising will increase their customer base.