currency noun

1 money used in a particular country

ADJ. domestic | foreign They prefer to be paid in foreign currencies. | common, international US dollars are considered common currency in international transactions. | local You can convert sterling into the local currency. | national | European, Japanese, etc. | single the single European currency | major | stable, strong A stable currency means that your savings do not diminish in value | weak | hard | convertible

VERB + CURRENCY change, convert sth into/to, exchange | buy, sell | devalue | support The fund supports weak currencies. | raise The country needs to raise enough hard currency to pay for its oil imports.

CURRENCY + VERB rise | fall | float, fluctuate For four months all major currencies floated. The system allows currencies to fluctuate within certain limits.

CURRENCY + NOUN conversion, exchange, translation The disappointing profits are due to unfavourable currency translations. | markets They make money by speculating on the currency markets. | deal, dealing, speculation, trade, trading | dealer, speculator, trader | crisis | fluctuation, movements | devaluation | system | reform | reserves

PREP. in … ~ She had £50 in foreign currency.

2 being believed/accepted/used by many people

ADJ. general, wide, widespread

VERB + CURRENCY enjoy, have This belief has general currency. | gain How did the idea gain currency? > Note at CURRENCY