curl noun

1 piece of hair

ADJ. natural | soft | tight | corkscrew, spiral | auburn, blonde, dark, etc. | natural | stray She pushed a stray curl away from her eyes. | tangled, tumbling, unruly, untamed, wayward She smoothed down her tangled curls. | damp

VERB + CURL press/push/stroke back, smooth back/down | ruffle, run your fingers through | tease He carefully teased his curls into place. | shake She shook her dark curls sadly.

CURL + VERB fall, tumble Her auburn curls tumbled about her face. | bounce | frame sth Her face was framed by a mop of black curls.

PREP. in ~s His hair spilled in curls over his forehead. | through the/your ~s She raked a comb through her wayward curls.

PHRASES a cascade/mass/mop of curls Her hair was styled into a cascade of spiral curls. | lose its curl Her hair lost its curl as she got older.

2 sth with a curved round shape

ADJ. faint, little, slight He acknowledged her remark with a faint curl of his lips.

PREP. ~ of a curl of smoke